A range of materials for patients, prison officers and prison professionals have been made available in this section. Documents can be downloaded in three formats:

i. doc – most Windows-based word processing packages should be able to open these files
ii. rtf – rich text files will open in most word processing packages (including Mac-based systems)
iii. pdf – portable document format files require theĀ free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Main text

Preliminaries (doc) (pdf)
Introduction (doc) (pdf)
Managing specific mental disorders (doc) (pdf)
References (doc) (pdf)
Mental disorders in young people (doc) (pdf)
Mental disorders in women who are mothers (doc) (pdf)
Managing mental disorders – general skills (doc) (pdf)
Mental health act and common law (doc) (pdf)
For general nurses and healthcare officers (doc) (pdf)
Comorbidity (doc) (pdf)
Suicide and self-injury (doc) (pdf)
Groups with particular needs (doc) (pdf)
Dealing with difficult behaviours (doc) (pdf)
Ethical issues (doc) (pdf)
Voluntary and community agencies (doc) (pdf)
Further reading (doc) (pdf)
Acknowledgements (doc) (pdf)

Patient Leaflets
Coping with anxiety (doc) (pdf)
Coping with depression (doc) (pdf)
Good night’s sleep (doc) (pdf)
Traumatic stress (doc) (pdf)
Drug harm minimization (doc) (pdf)
Coping with side effects (rtf) (pdf)
Bipolar disorder (doc) (pdf)
Lithium toxicity (rtf) (pdf)
Domestic violence (doc) (pdf)
Just imprisoned (doc) (pdf)

Stress Detainees

Albanian (doc) (pdf)

English (doc) (pdf)

French (doc) (pdf)

Lingala (doc) (pdf)

Portuguese (doc) (pdf)

Russian (doc) (pdf)

Somali (doc) (pdf)

Spanish (doc) (pdf)

Additional Info.
Offending behaviour programmes (doc) (pdf)
Types of temporary release from prison (doc) (pdf)
Confidentiality – template agreement (doc) (pdf)

Confidentiality – communication proforma (doc) (pdf)
Confidentiality – NHSE executive letter (doc) (pdf)

Prison Officer Info.
Management checklist (doc) (pdf)
Severe mental illness (doc) (pdf)
Personality (behavioural) disorders (doc) (pdf)
Drugs, mental health and self harm (doc) (pdf)
Suicide – ideas for support (doc) (pdf)
Action on incident of self harm (doc) (pdf)
Mothers and babies (doc) (pdf)
Learning disability (doc) (pdf)
Suicide prevention (doc) (pdf)
Self harm for staff (doc) (pdf)

Prison Professional Info.
Mental state exam (doc) (pdf)
Nurse assessment form (doc) (pdf)
Risk indicator checklist (doc) (pdf)

AUDIT – alcohol screen (rtf) (pdf)
SADQ – alcohol assessment (doc) (pdf)
SODQ – opiate assessment (doc) (pdf)
Drug use diary (rtf) (pdf)
Postnatal depression scale (doc) (pdf)
Dementia screen (rtf) (pdf)
Bulimia – food diary (rtf) (pdf)
Early warning signs form (rtf) (pdf)